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Services of Garage Conversion Los Angeles Specialist, 759 S Fetterly Ave #24
Los Angeles, CA 90022, (323) 892-0491

Garage Conversion Services in Los Angeles

Services of Garage Conversion Los Angeles Specialist, 759 S Fetterly Ave #24, Los Angeles, CA 90022, (323) 892-0491.

Our experts are known for providing some of the best garage conversion Los Angeles can offer. Check out the services provided by our experts below!

Garage Conversion Services

Bedroom Conversion

Los Angeles Building Code Garage Conversion info

Guesthouse Conversion

Bathroom Conversion

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Kitchen Conversion

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Poolhouse Conversion

other accessory dwelling units

Other Accessory Dwelling Units

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Best Garage Conversion Services Los Angeles Can Offer

We are known for providing some of the best garage conversion services Los Angeles can offer. In addition, our prices are extremely affordable!

Our experts can provide you with a wide range of garage conversion designs to suit any taste and budget.

Have you been dreaming of upgrading your old garage into a beautiful new living space? General contractors from Garage Conversion Los Angeles Specialist can provide you with services that accommodate all your specific ideas. As a result, we will turn your dream conversion into a reality! In addition, we can consult you on making the best decisions rom style options, materials, usability, and more, based on your particular needs.

Our master craftsmen are popular for providing the best quality garage conversion services for the most affordable prices around!

Why Choose Our Garage Conversion Contractors in Los Angeles?

Our experts are highly experienced and have been specializing in converting garages into living space before Senate Bill 1069 ever got passed.

Ever since the new law got passed, it has been legally much easier for property owners to convert their garages into an area where someone can live, such as a bedroom, guesthouse, etc. As a result of these conversions becoming legally much easier, there have been many new contractors entering the business.

Why hire a new garage conversion contractor when you can choose our experts that have over 10 years of experience in the field?

Our specialists are familiar with many potential problems that property owners may come across when attempting to convert a garage into a living space. On the other hand, other new and non experienced professionals may not be familiar with all the potential problems that we may be aware of coming across.

Testimonials About Garage Conversion Los Angeles Specialist and Our Team

These guys are amazing. They converted my garage into a full on guest pool house with a kitchen and a bathroom. The whole job came out perfect. More amazing than I could have imagined.

Josh C.

The entire Garage Conversion Los Angeles Specialist team were highly professional and provided our home with outstanding care. They converted our garage into a new living space for a bedroom. Everything came out great and they finished the entire project even earlier than anticipated!

Gorman P.

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