Los Angeles Building Code Garage Conversion

Los Angeles Building Code Garage Conversion info

Los Angeles Building Code Garage Conversion and New Laws

According to Los Angeles Building Code garage conversion is now allowed by the state, although recent laws have changed that.

As a result of the new California state law, Senate Bill 1069, homeowners will now have an easy time getting permits for converting garages into rooms that can be used as living space.

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Due to the fact that SB 1069 has now been passed, homeowners are able to receive permits for garage conversions much easier and faster now. A main purpose of the bill is intended provide new housing units due to the fact that low supply of homes has led to extremely high rent prices.

It isn’t hard at all to notice the extremely high rent prices for people who want to rent a home in the city. As a result of these high housing prices, California hopes that these additional living spaces will provide people with more affordable areas to live in for rent.

In addition, to providing affordable housing for renters, ADUs provide homeowners with additional income compared to keeping the area as a garage. This makes it a win win situation for both renters and property owners.

Some Requirements for Garage Conversion in Los Angeles

A garage that has been converted into an ADU can not be sold separately from the primary residence, but it may be rented out. The only way an ADU can be sold is when the house is sold.

Another requirement for a conversion is that that the size of the ADU can not be larger than 1,200 square feet.

For ADUs that are attached to the main home, the addition converted area may not exceed 50% of the main home. For example, if the size of the main home is 1,500 square feet, then the size of the ADU that is attached to it may not be any larger than 750 square feet.

You can find out more information from local contractors or lawyers who are familiar with the building code.

Check out the full list of requirements on the official bill here.

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