Is Garage Conversion Legal in California?

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Yes, garage conversion is legal in California, although there are requirements that must be met. A recently passed law, Senate Bill 1069 (SB-1069) makes it easy to convert a garage.

SB-1069 is a law that is beneficial for anyone who wants to do a garage conversion in California. This law now makes it much easier than before to legally convert a garage into room additions that can be used as living space. Before this law was passed, legal garage conversions were not nearly as easy to do in California.

California Garage Conversion Law Senate Bill 1069

One reasoning behind SB-1069 was to provide affordable housing options for California residents due to the fact that housing prices in the state are outstandingly high.

As a result of SB-1069, there are now a set of regulations that determine the requirements of converting a garage. These regulations benefit property owners. This bill refers to the converted area of living space from a garage as an “Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)” and provides a list of standards required to build one. It provides property owners with a set of fundamental rights related to ADUs.

In addition, it prevents local agencies such as cities and counties from requiring certain permits/licensing for building an ADU. Prior to this law, cities were able to require homeowners to have licenses that were difficult to obtain. This law has taken their rights away for requiring any permits or licenses related to ADUs that are outside of the restrictions of SB-1069.

Legally Convert a Garage Into an ADU in California

Do you need help with converting a garage into an ADU? What is an ADU? An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is referred to by SB-1069 as a secondary housing unit that has been converted from a garage.

If you would like to start a conversion project and don’t know where to begin, your in the right place. Garage Conversion Los Angeles Specialist and our team of pros are always happy to help. Explain the details of your project to us and we will help you through each step of the way towards turning your vision into a reality.


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