Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an ADU? ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. An ADU refers to an additional living space in a home that a garage has been converted into.

A garage conversion can be profitable for a property owner in various ways.

A garage conversion can positively affect the resale value of a home. If a property owner spends less on the conversion compared the extra price a property is sold for, the owner can make a profit from the conversion.

For example, if a homeowner spends $40,000 on a conversion, but sells their house for $75,000 more than the price prior to converting the garage, then a homeowner can make a profit of approximate $35,000 from the project.

Another way a garage conversion can be profitable is if the additional space is rented out to a tenant.

A garage can be converted into all different types of rooms. Some rooms that garages can be converted into include bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, master suites, guesthouses, poolhouses, and more.

Garage conversion in Los Angeles is much easier to legally accomplish thanks to Senate Bill 1069. Although certain requirements must be met, the process of converting a garage into an ADU is much easier to do as a result of the recently passed law SB-1069.

In most cases, the company that is responsible for converting the garage is responsible for submitting the necessary application after completing all confirmations with the property owner.

Garage remodeling refers to adding more space to a garage or remodeling a garage to have a new appearance, size, style, additional features, etc.

On the other hand, garage conversions refer to converting a garage into a new room that can be used as a living space.

The cost of converting a garage depends on various factors. The main cost factors of garage conversions include labor and material required.

On average, garage conversions usually cost, $15,000 to $75,000 depending on the requirements. Although, the total may add up to more or less depending on specifications.

On average, it usually takes about one to four months to complete a garage conversion.


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