what is an adu

What Is an ADU?

ADU Meaning

What does ADU mean? ADU stands stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit.

This is a term that refers to homes garage conversion that has been turned into an area of living space.

Accessory Dwelling Unit as Stated by California Law

An “Accessory Dwelling Unit” is a term that is used by Senate Bill 1069 to replace the term “second unit” stated on The Planning and Zoning Law.

This law finds and declares that, among other things, allowing accessory dwelling units in single-family or multifamily residential zones provides additional rental housing stock and that these units are an essential component of housing supply in the state of California.

Thanks to SB-1069, converting your existing garage into an ADU can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to create an ADU for your property. ADUs offer various other advantages as well.

An ADU Can Provide Additional Rental Income

An ADU can provide additional income for property owners, while providing a housing solution for renters that is low cost.